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Button cells / watch batteries are small single cell batteries shaped similar to a button on a garment. Renata V mAh High Drain Silver Oxide Coin. Button Cell Equivalent Cross Reference. Cricklewood Broadway, London 5 Renata, SG3, SB-AG, SG1. , SG8, , SG5, 6 Citizen, SG13, SB-AL, SG2. Coin/Button cell batteries (conversion table). Silver-oxide batteries. Size (mm). IEC. Varta. Rayovac. Duracell. GP/Sylva Cell. Ucar/Energizer. Panasonic. Battery Cross Reference Chart - Duracell Batteries | AA, AAA, Rechargeable, Coin Button. Watch Button Battery Equivalence. Energizer Silver Oxide Low Drain. Maxell Silver Oxide Low Drain. Energizer Silver Oxide High Drain. Maxell Silver Oxide High.

-. -. -. SB-AK/DK. X. V SRSW. D SB-AG. S. V SRSW. D SB-DG. Button cell/watch battery cross reference. Button cells E.g LR44 was an alkaline battery and SR44 was a silver oxide battery of the same size. Watch Battery Cross Reference or Button Battery Cross Reference that will help you find your watch battery I.E.C.. AG & SG. AWI. Bulova. Citizen. Duracell. OPTIMA® Batteries provides superior deep cycle & starting batteries for high performance cars, trucks, & marine vehicles! Discover OPTIMA® today to get. Normally found in higher-drain devices, such as multi-function watches, calculators and games, this button cell battery is a direct replacement for the. LR44 batteries and LR44 battery equivalent are an Alkaline Zinc Manganese button cell amojka.ru44 Batteries are Volt. Also known as A76, AG13, L The Watch Battery Cross Reference Table below gives all Watch Battery sizes and their equivalent replacement watch battery reference numbers as used by various. Animal feed · Asian noodles · Architectural /automotive glass coating · Alternative proteins & food ingredients · Aqua Feed · Automotive · Baked goods · Batteries. The program provides guaranteed loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for renewable energy systems or to. Find Your Replacement Button Cell Batteries Energizer AG-7 Batteries Here At We Carry The AG-7 Upgrade For Long Lasting Runtime. Shop AG10 Button Battery Cross Reference. Ads. About our ads. ✕. Learn how your ads are chosen. New content will be added above the current area.

Silver Oxide Battery CROSS-REFERENCE CHART. Watch Battery [ Low-Drain ] , V, SB-AG, T, , , D29, SR , , SRSW, , D, Battery Equivalent sizes as used by different manufacturers for watch button, computer coin cell, household items, toys, hearing aids and most electricals. Cotchear 10pcs LR44 Batteries AG13 Button Cell Battery L Battery V G13 SR44 LR Button Coin Batteries. Alkaline · SB-AG. SR x x SRSW. D DA MICRO BATTERY Cross Reference and Replacement Guide. Maxell, Ltd. Voniko AG13 LR44 Batteries 20 Pack—[Ultra Power] Premium Alkaline Volt LR44 Button Cell Battery for Toys & Electronic Devices. About the AG3 Battery The AG prefix stands for the alkaline chemistry of the battery. · AG3 Specifications · Equivalent Batteries Several companies use other. Batteries containing numbers are listed in the left side of each column; first in numerical order regardless of their letters (ex. RW52, RW53, G53). Batteries. Find Your Replacement Button Cell Batteries Energizer AG5 Batteries Here At We Carry The AG5 Upgrade For Long Lasting Runtime. Watch Button Battery Equivalence. Energizer Silver Oxide Low Drain. Maxell Silver Oxide Low Drain. Energizer Silver Oxide High Drain. Maxell Silver Oxide High.

E-car batteries. Learn More about Industry Solutions · Financial Calendar Sika AG. Zugerstrasse CH Baar (ZG) Switzerland. Tel.: +41 58 Button Battery Cross Reference Guide. Model. Recommended. Dimensions Height SB-AG. T. SRSW. 15, SRSW. D (38). Buy top ag13 button cell equivalent available at and keep your gadgets powered up. These ag13 button cell equivalent come with unmatched deals. No; they have the same diameter but AG10 is thinner (about mm vs. about mm for the AG13). As a result the AG13 has a little over twice the capacity. Energizer Lithium Coin Batteries provide reliable, long lasting power for your important devices. These lithium batteries perform in extreme.

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