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Final fantasy tactics job tree

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WebMay 8,  · 11 White Mage. Aside from the Black Mage, the White Mage remains one of the most iconic Final Fantasy Jobs out there. As such, it's no wonder the white-and-red . WebFeb 7,  · Definitions. PAtk: physical attack on the character sheet.; MAtk: magickal attack on the character sheet.; C-EV: innate character evasion in that Job, only active for .

Final fantasy tactics job tree

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Job Tree graphic with corresponding links. Final Fantasy Tactics Job Classes ; Archer · Bard · Calculator · Chemist ; Dancer · Geomancer · Knight · Lancer ; Mediator · Mime · Monk · Ninja.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Job Intro

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Final Fantasy Tactics Job Classes ; Archer · Bard · Calculator ; Dancer · Geomancer · Knight ; Mediator · Mime · Monk ; Oracle · Priest · Samurai ; Summoner · Thief. Jobs · Soldier Race: Human · Paladin Race: Human This job focuses on defense, with some pretty decent offensive stats; however, Evade is fairly low. · Fighter Race.

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WebCalculator. Job Requirements: Level 4 Priest, Level 4 Wizard, Level 3 Time Mage, Level 3 Oracle. The Calculator itself isn't useful, but it's abilities are - try a Summoner with Math . WebJul 22,  · These jobs, like Soldier and Black Mage, each teach the character numerous skills and are strong in some statistics, like HP and MP. There are two different classes .

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